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Introduction by Snowman
Hello all, and welcome to Music Contest 5.

Music Contest is an annual competition. It is like a demo-party music compo, but you do not need to travel anywhere to compete. Entries are collected on the internet at our archive,

There are three MC5 entry divisions: rookie, intermediate, and veteran. These skill divisions exist so that people of any skill level can compete. The distribution of entries in MC4 was uneven, so the "intermediate" division has been created.

Entries are judged in five different categories: originality, form, technique, sample quality, and overall appeal. Scores given for a song's "overall appeal" will have three times the weight of scores for the other categories.

The same listserver used for DemoNews is being used to distribute a "MC5 Updates" newsletter. This newsletter will be used during the contest to keep you posted on current happenings and changes.

MC5 is organized by Hornet. GD handles the MC5 email and newsletters. I (Snowman) handle the entry verification/registration and web pages.

Snowman / Hornet -
25 Apr 1997