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Tiled Texture Mapping Tutorial by TheGlide of Spinning Kids
03 Jun 1998 (catalog date)
4,757 bytes
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This is a little document that explains how to code a tiled texture mapper that handles any power of 2 texture sizes. The document contains some little C code to get you started. To fully understand the doc you should have already read MRI's fatmap.txt and fatmap2.txt.

IFLIC by Spinning Kids
15 Nov 1997 (catalog date)
139,461 bytes
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Soft Spin by Junta of Spinning kids
21 Apr 1998 (catalog date)
755,813 bytes
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Released at event TRIP98 in the grfx division and ranked 06

My New Life by Mix of Spinning Kids, U.s.e.
29 Aug 1997 (catalog date)
446,259 bytes
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Released at event MC5 in the mmul division and ranked XX