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Cubic Player 2 Software Development Kit by Niklas Beisert of Cubic
19 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
131,123 bytes
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Cubic Player 2 Development Kit 0.5. Has a music player at least. I'm not going to figure out exactly what this is supposed to be for. No docs.

What Source by Niklas Beisert, Nils Piepenbrink of Cubic Team, $een
10 Jul 1997 (catalog date)
46,092 bytes
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Notably DOES NOT come with a makefile. Uncommented, but nice code style. Awkward synching style.

E.O.S. Version Of MXM GUS XM Player v1.3 by Niklas Beisert
05 Oct 1996 (catalog date)
170,118 bytes
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