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The Pulse 0.90 by Ladislav Lostak of Unreal
20 Sep 1998 (catalog date)
1,009,064 bytes
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New Czech player of all types of mods, mp3 and wav for Win95/98/NT. The newest beta version brings completely rebuilt system based on "components" (allows to add new features, e.g. new format loader, just by adding the dll library to the directory), new design structure (non-rectangle windows, animated buttons, ...} that allows to change design on-fly while playing, and WinAMP skins support with non-observed differences, 12-parameter Reverb editor with presets saving, simple playlist editor, pop-up menu on right-click, external tools for associating extensions and Systray, several new (and splendid) designs, nice splash-screen on start, sid format support (Commodore 64), full-customizable taskbar using "Captions", and lots of more features which are to be improved in upcoming versions. Supports 669, far, fnk, it, m15, mdl, med, mod, mtm, mp1/2/3, nst, raw, s3m, sid/dat, stm, ult, wav, wow and xm.