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One Man Dog by Kinetic PC
09 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
4,970,911 bytes
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Nut Chords 1.1 by Nutcase of Kinetic PC
05 May 1997 (catalog date)
79,630 bytes
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Excellent chord-finder for musicians and composers. This chord-finder can find all variations of any chords in any tuning possible. You can add more weird chords if you want. Program is based on logics and can really show all variations where to pick up a chord with guitar. Program works on PC/DOS/VGA machines. Featuring: fretboard and keyboard view, mouse and shortkey controls, searching for chords, pick up chords and keys from lists, converting chords between piano and guitar. Perfect tool for all serious composers, trackers as well. TRY IT, it's good. Thanks.