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bglass by Konrad Olejnik of K!O
19 Jan 1998 (catalog date)
50,803 bytes
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Bumped glass routine. For TMT pascal. You might call this a bump map type effect. The difference I'm going to call is that bump map routines alter light intensity while lens routines change your position in a texture map. Interesting way to get the timer! :) For C users, that would be int *time = 0x046C. See a BIOS data reference for further details.

BBS Antarctica by The Charlatan of Intense
29 Jun 1996 (catalog date)
15,451 bytes
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Psychedelic John by Constrictor of Intens
28 May 1998 (catalog date)
905,543 bytes
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Released at event TP97 in the grfx division and ranked ??

Immensely Intensely by Glitch
08 Apr 1997 (catalog date)
401,046 bytes
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Phulge by Apollo, Ransom of Intens
09 Feb 1999 (catalog date)
813,054 bytes
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Released at event SE97 in the mmul division and ranked ??

The Copenhagen Party '97 Invitation Intro by Intens
24 Jul 1997 (catalog date)
253,191 bytes
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