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386 power by Lorenzo Micheletto
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
117,845 bytes
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A DOS extender for pmode asm programming - Has docs for useage and some extra miscellaneous routines that could be used for game or graphics programming in pmode. Honestly, if you want to do 100% asm development for pmode I'd suggest DOS32 or Tran's pmode. The author here credits Tran for some backbones to his system.

Critical Mass by Lorenzo, Robymus, Dave
18 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
2,251 bytes
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Released at event ANT96 in the in1k division and ranked ??

Rewlz Hardcore by Lorenzo, Blala
05 Aug 1997 (catalog date)
4,892 bytes
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Released at event RAGE97 in the in4k division and ranked 01

Nexus by Enzo
04 Jul 1996 (catalog date)
70,678 bytes
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Released at event TP94 in the grfx division and ranked XX by Alessandro De Sanctis
11 Dec 1997 (catalog date)
93,829 bytes
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This is the ultimate chords/scales finder: all you're looking for DenzoGtr can find. This is not a scales or chords dB, but a powerful engine that you cam program for finding all positions for both scales and chords. There is no a fix number of choice: you can find 10, 100, 1000, 10000 position for each chord depending from tunig, finger positions, inversions and other parameters. In the same way you can search for 3 notes for string scales or pentatonic pattern etc. Also arpeggios are simple to find. Remenber that DenzoGtr is designed to be expanded with your own tuning, scales and chords. So have fun, Alex.

Drummed by Lorenzo
22 Sep 1996 (catalog date)
41,102 bytes
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Released at event ANT96 in the mbet division and ranked 03