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Micaco BBS ad source by Chc
10 Jan 1997 (catalog date)
190,207 bytes
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Source for a BBS ad with an environment mapped object - It's all asm source, but you need Watcom to compile it. Comes with an extra ASC file format converter. All comments are in Spanish though there's a (shorter) Enlish readme file. Knowing Spanish is very useful for these sources as the comments are good.

Vbe 2.0 Library For Watcom by Malice of WitchCraft
30 Aug 1998 (catalog date)
62,669 bytes
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A 100% asm VESA library with 256 and Direct Color modes support. Included source code, OBJ file, Watcom header and a C example.

Elixire I by Witchcraft
28 Mar 1999 (catalog date)
648,654 bytes
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Released at event MC6 in the mmul division and ranked XX