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Transparency Tutorial by Sirmikey of Chaotic Order
05 Oct 1996 (catalog date)
290,156 bytes
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w/WATCOM C source - Doesn't run. Nice explanation/code

The Search For Steve by Chaotic Order
01 May 1997 (catalog date)
3,702,574 bytes
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Released at event TG97 in the demo division and ranked 12

Lost Paradise by Mesonyx of Chaotic Order
29 Aug 1997 (catalog date)
136,876 bytes
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Released at event MC5 in the mmul division and ranked XX

The Undead by erek of Chaotic Order
27 Oct 1997 (catalog date)
524,791 bytes
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Gazing Minds by Mesonyx of Chaotic Order
20 Apr 1997 (catalog date)
314,539 bytes
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